GabeScreenPrinting | History of Screen PrintingSince screen printing is such a large part of what we do here at Pacific Company we figured we should probably give you a little bit of the history and how screen printing became one of the most popular printing techniques today.

Screen Printing History:

Would you believe us if we told you that screen printing has been around for over 1,000 years? You should … Some of the earliest signs of screen printing appeared in China around 960 AD, during the Song Dynasty. In the 18th century screen printing made its way to Europe. However it did not gain any traction until the 19th century when the silk mesh used in the process was more available for trade.

Screen printing was patented in England in 1907 by Samuel Simon. Over the years has grown into one of the most popular printing techniques used by commercial printers and fine artists. They not only print on paper, but apparel, DVDs, glass, metal and wood.

MarilynMonroeScreenPrint | History of Screen PrintingOne of the most iconic screen printed images of modern times is Andy Warhol’s 1962 Marilyn Monroe piece. Warhol is one of the few people that popularized screen printing among the artistic community.

Screen printing techniques have changed and improved so much over the years, but the idea behind it remains the same. Today screen printing onto garments now accounts for over half of the screen printing in the USA.

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Photo courtesy of Harbor Graphics Inc.