Top 5 Screen Printing Myths

GabeScreenPrintingEvery industry has been plagued with misconceptions. It is just something that happens over time when people have had any kind of experience with one company. They assume that the rest of the companies in the industry operate the same way. Or they have heard stories where the truth has been stretched from being told by so many different people. So, we at Pacific Company wanted to take a few moments to clear up some of the screen printing myths that we have heard over the years:

Screen Printing Myths

1: Printing local is expensive

Over the last few years online screen printing companies have started to gain quite a bit of popularity stomping out the smaller local screen printing companies. These companies have made it so enticing to order from them and make people think that buying from local screen printing companies will be more expensive. When in reality it is the exact opposite.

When working with an online company they will add in set up fees and shipping into the price per item making them more expensive. At Pacific Company we do not charge you a set-up fee if you order the products from us.

For example on one of those online stores for a basic white t-shirt with a one color print you could end up paying $8-$12 per shirt depending on your quantity. Our price per shirt would be around $7 per shirt, depending on your quantity.

2: You have to order in bulk

For some companies this may be true.  At Pacific Company we handle orders as small as 12 pieces all the way up into the thousands! So whether you have a small company or a big event coming up we can help you!

3: We carry a complete stock of products

Screen Printing Myths | Supplier Warehouse

SanMar Warehouse | Clothing Supplier

As awesome as it would be to have everything you need on hand there are just too many options out there. The catalog from the supplier that we work with is over 700 pages! From the brands to styles to colors and sizes we would need a HUGE building to house all the product alone. We do have a small showroom in house where we keep our most popular items.

Having to order the products from a supplier does not slow down the screen printing process. The suppliers are great at getting the items to us within a matter of a couple days. This works out great with the rest of the screen printing process. The only time there may be an issue is if the supplier has an item the customer wants on back order. Even then we can usually find an alternative option.

4: Screen Printing takes forever to get your order

Screen Printing is quite the process but we have been doing it for so long now that when it comes to getting your order done on time we can do it. We pride ourselves on our turnaround time and the quality of our work!

5: We can print one or two shirts at a time or do finished samples

We would love to be able to help out the people who call in wanting just one t-shirt. Unfortunately, the screen printing process involves several steps before you see the finished process. The set-up process is the most expensive part of screen printing and only doing one shirt would easily end up costing over $25. Once everything is set up it doesn’t make much of a difference if you need 15 shirts or 500. When the quantity increases the overhead costs for the printer decrease. That is why you can get price breaks depending on the quantity that you order.

Because of this we do not do one at a time orders or finished samples. However, we do create a realistic mock-up of your finished shirt.

If you have any questions about these or any other screen printing myths that you have heard CONTACT US!

Getting Your Perfect Color

Pantone Color BookBeing in the screen printing industry we get a lot of different requests for custom orders. Luckily with screen printing the possibilities are practically unlimited!

Most customers have a set idea of how they want their garment to look. Most of those requests can be taken care of without difficulty. Matching a specific color on the other hand can be more difficult than most people realize.

Color Matching:

When it comes to matching colors we rely on the Pantone Matching System (PMS). The universal color matching language. Pantone offers chip books that help designers see how colors look on different stock. PANTONE colors are distinguished by numbers and a suffix. While the number indicates the PANTONE Color itself, the suffix indicates the media or stock. Different stocks affect how the ink is formulated to achieve the specific color.

One thing we hear a lot is that the color that is displaying on the customers monitor doesn’t match what was printed. When choosing colors please keep in mind that all computer monitors display a little different. If you want it to be exact then we recommend that you come in and check out our PMS book. Or send us the specific PMS number if you have your own book.

Using PMS we can discuss specific colors with our customers. Ensuring that they are getting the color that they want. Unfortunately even with using the Pantone Matching System we cannot guarantee that the color will be an absolutely perfect match. There are a lot of factors that go into the final print color of a garment. We will go over what could affect the color of your print with you when you order.

If you have any other questions in regards to how we match colors CONTACT US.


Why We Love What We Do

In honor of Valentine’s Day and showing the love we wanted to take a minute and share with you why exactly it is that we love what we do. To put it simply it is because of our customers that we love what we do! We love working with you to bring your ideas to life!

What We Do:

Whether it is a custom t-shirt job or finding a unique item for you to promote your business we love being able to work on these projects from start to finish. Getting to see your reaction at the end of it all is the best part. There is nothing better than getting to see the smiles on your faces. We just want to say that we love your loyalty and support that you have given us over the years!

Thank you for your love and Happy Valentine’s Day!Why We Love What We Do

History of Screen Printing

GabeScreenPrinting | History of Screen PrintingSince screen printing is such a large part of what we do here at Pacific Company we figured we should probably give you a little bit of the history and how screen printing became one of the most popular printing techniques today.

Screen Printing History:

Would you believe us if we told you that screen printing has been around for over 1,000 years? You should … Some of the earliest signs of screen printing appeared in China around 960 AD, during the Song Dynasty. In the 18th century screen printing made its way to Europe. However it did not gain any traction until the 19th century when the silk mesh used in the process was more available for trade.

Screen printing was patented in England in 1907 by Samuel Simon. Over the years has grown into one of the most popular printing techniques used by commercial printers and fine artists. They not only print on paper, but apparel, DVDs, glass, metal and wood.

MarilynMonroeScreenPrint | History of Screen PrintingOne of the most iconic screen printed images of modern times is Andy Warhol’s 1962 Marilyn Monroe piece. Warhol is one of the few people that popularized screen printing among the artistic community.

Screen printing techniques have changed and improved so much over the years, but the idea behind it remains the same. Today screen printing onto garments now accounts for over half of the screen printing in the USA.

Have a question about our screen printing process? CONTACT US


Photo courtesy of Harbor Graphics Inc.

Looking Ahead

2016 has been quite the year of growth for us, from expanding our team and adding a third building to adding online apparel stores and embroidery in house. We have had a great year and we cannot wait to see what is in store for us in 2017! Here is to looking ahead!

Not only are we finishing up a few projects around the shop but we have set some pretty big goals for ourselves and we are really excited to start working on them!2017 | Looking Ahead

Looking Ahead to 2017:

  • Create more online stores for our customers
  • Increasing our screen printing and embroidery sales
  • Growing our online presence and social media networks
  • Increasing our presence in the local corporate apparel market
  • Expanding on our promotional products knowledge and selection

Of course this is just a start to the year and as things get going we are sure that the list will grow, but in the meantime we think that this is a great place to start.

Here’s to a great 2016 and looking ahead to an even better 2017!

Happy New Year from everyone here at Pacific Company!


Our Year in Review

Taking a look back on 2016 | Our Year in ReviewWow! 2016 has been quite the year for us here at Pacific Company. We couldn’t have done it without our amazing, loyal customers and the fantastic team that we have here! With our customers and team we have been able to accomplish some pretty awesome things and we wanted to share those with you!

Our Year:

New Building

Throughout the year we have been working really hard to expand into our third building. If you read the November newsletter you saw that we were finally able to move our banner sewing and finishing team over there.  Allowing us additional space to install another automatic screen printing press and dryer. We have been really excited to expand our printing capabilities and we can’t wait to see what we can do here in the next year!

Our Team

This year we were also able to grow our team and add three fantastic people to the Pacific Company family. Gabe, a full time screen printer. Jessica, full time marketing and sales. Marty, a seasonal production worker.  You can read about them in “The Pacific Team” blog article.

The Signs

We have had a very busy year on the wholesale banner and sign side of the business with it being an election year. It was a whirlwind of red, white and blue signs around here not only screen printing but digital as well.

More Additions

We also had a very successful year in apparel screen printing and embroidery. Not only have we added a second automatic screen printing press and dryer, but we have made the decision to purchase our very own embroidery machine. This will allow us to bring some of our embroidery services in house. In doing this it will allow us to have more control over the embroidery process and improve the customer experience.

Online Stores

Speaking of improving our customer’s experience, we have also added the capability of online stores for our customers. You no longer have to worry about collecting all the orders and money for your events. We will set up your online store with whatever products you want and your logo. After that we will collect all of the orders over the time period that you decide upon. Then we produce the orders and send them to you! CONTACT US for more information regarding our online stores.

We want to give a huge shout out and thank you to all of our amazing customers for such a great year! Here’s to a successful 2016 and an even better 2017!