Top 5 Screen Printing Myths

GabeScreenPrintingEvery industry has been plagued with misconceptions. It is just something that happens over time when people have had any kind of experience with one company. They assume that the rest of the companies in the industry operate the same way. Or they have heard stories where the truth has been stretched from being told by so many different people. So, we at Pacific Company wanted to take a few moments to clear up some of the screen printing myths that we have heard over the years:

Screen Printing Myths

1: Printing local is expensive

Over the last few years online screen printing companies have started to gain quite a bit of popularity stomping out the smaller local screen printing companies. These companies have made it so enticing to order from them and make people think that buying from local screen printing companies will be more expensive. When in reality it is the exact opposite.

When working with an online company they will add in set up fees and shipping into the price per item making them more expensive. At Pacific Company we do not charge you a set-up fee if you order the products from us.

For example on one of those online stores for a basic white t-shirt with a one color print you could end up paying $8-$12 per shirt depending on your quantity. Our price per shirt would be around $7 per shirt, depending on your quantity.

2: You have to order in bulk

For some companies this may be true.  At Pacific Company we handle orders as small as 12 pieces all the way up into the thousands! So whether you have a small company or a big event coming up we can help you!

3: We carry a complete stock of products

Screen Printing Myths | Supplier Warehouse

SanMar Warehouse | Clothing Supplier

As awesome as it would be to have everything you need on hand there are just too many options out there. The catalog from the supplier that we work with is over 700 pages! From the brands to styles to colors and sizes we would need a HUGE building to house all the product alone. We do have a small showroom in house where we keep our most popular items.

Having to order the products from a supplier does not slow down the screen printing process. The suppliers are great at getting the items to us within a matter of a couple days. This works out great with the rest of the screen printing process. The only time there may be an issue is if the supplier has an item the customer wants on back order. Even then we can usually find an alternative option.

4: Screen Printing takes forever to get your order

Screen Printing is quite the process but we have been doing it for so long now that when it comes to getting your order done on time we can do it. We pride ourselves on our turnaround time and the quality of our work!

5: We can print one or two shirts at a time or do finished samples

We would love to be able to help out the people who call in wanting just one t-shirt. Unfortunately, the screen printing process involves several steps before you see the finished process. The set-up process is the most expensive part of screen printing and only doing one shirt would easily end up costing over $25. Once everything is set up it doesn’t make much of a difference if you need 15 shirts or 500. When the quantity increases the overhead costs for the printer decrease. That is why you can get price breaks depending on the quantity that you order.

Because of this we do not do one at a time orders or finished samples. However, we do create a realistic mock-up of your finished shirt.

If you have any questions about these or any other screen printing myths that you have heard CONTACT US!

Our Top 4 Trends for 2017

Now that we are about half way through 2017 we wanted to take a minute and reflect on the trends that we are seeing this year. Working with a variety of customers we see a large array of preferences. However there are a few similarities that we have noticed that keep popping up this year.

Top 2017 Trends

Trend 1: Softer & Lighter Garments

Over the last few months we have noticed that people are starting to steer away from the 100% cotton tees. A vast majority of our customers are coming to us asking if we have anything that is a lighter, softer fabric that won’t shrink in the wash. Our answer, yes!

The District and District Made brands have become a fan favorite this year! The offer a Tri-Blend tee that is soft and light weight and comes in a variety of colors and styles. Check it out!

Trend 2: Simple Designs

People are choosing garments that say a lot about what they do or their company on their own. With a stylish garment please are going to a more simple look when it comes to their designs. Most people are sticking with a one color print to help save on costs as well. Some of the designs that we are seeing on a regular basis include:

  • Circular Designs
  • Block Designs
  • Simple Text Designs
  • Simple Logo Designs

Trends: Simple Designs

Sticking with a simple design will not only save you money but also allow for a cleaner print. This allows you to get the professional look you want to represent your brand. We can’t wait to see your designs!

Trend 3: More Bang for Your Buck

This trend is not something that is new, it has been around for ages! People are always looking for the best deal when they are shopping. One thing that we do when working with our customers is find them the best product at the best price.

We will take the time and do the research for you and present a couple options to you based off the details of your project. You don’t need to worry about spending your time doing research and wondering if you missed something. Let us help you!

Trend 4: Casual Corporate Apparel

Companies are always looking for the next best thing, which includes the uniforms their employees wear. A lot of places are wanting something uniform, professional and comfortable. We have access to thousands of options for corporate apparel, everything from your basic t-shirt to the nicer polos. Our team will make sure that your team has the look that you are going for!

Trends may come and go but we will be here to keep you updated on what is happening the world of screen printing!

Have questions about our trends? CONTACT US!

Want to see our options? CHECK OUT THE CATALOG!

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Build Your Business with Our Help

Build Your Business


You know us as a local screen printer for event t-shirts, corporate apparel and promotional products. Did you know that with all of that we are actually helping you promote your event or build your business?

That’s right! Every time that you have your logo or design screen printed on a t-shirt, embroidered on a jacket or digitally printed on mugs or pens you are getting your name out there. Your employees wearing that custom apparel or your customers carrying around your promotional products are your walking billboards!

How Pacific Helps Build Your Business

You are probably wondering why you should work with Pacific Company over those online companies? This is a fair question, but we do have a few good reasons why you should give us a chance.

  • We are local – You have probably heard the phrase a hundred times by now, but shopping local helps support your local economy. With us being local it gives you a chance to really get to know who you are working with.
  • Personal touch – We are a smaller company, but we have a big heart! We really care about you and the experience that you will have with us. Because we are a smaller company you won’t be working with a new person every time you have a new project. We take the time to get to know you and what you like.
  • We care about your success – We want your business to grow and for your events to be successful! Because of this we will do all of the hard work to find the perfect products for your needs. Not happy with where something is going? Don’t worry we will go back to the drawing board to figure out exactly what you need!
  • We are experts – We have been screen printing custom apparel for over 20 years now! The screen printers on staff have a ton of experience under their belts. Our sales team has worked with many different companies, schools and events and know the best way to get you what you need. Our team is one of a kind and they can get you the end result that you are looking for!
  • You know what you are getting – We have some of our more popular products available to look at in our show room, but if we don’t have what you are looking for we can get it. The same goes with our promotional products. We know how nice it is to be able to see a product before you buy it, and with those online companies you can never be 100% sure of what your final product will look like.

In Conclusion

So all in all Pacific may not be the cheapest option but we will do the research and find you the best bang for your buck and we will work with you every step of the way to help you build your business or promote your event.

Curious about working with us? CLICK HERE to shoot us an email and we would be happy to answer any of your questions!

Struggling With Design Ideas? Try These Three Tips:

Lacking Inspiration | Design IdeasWe’ve all been there when we need to come up with design ideas for an upcoming event or just your next project and you’ve hit a brick wall. No matter what you try you just can’t seem to get over it. We have compiled a list of ways to help you break through that wall and get those design ideas flowing!

3 Tips To Get Your Design Ideas Flowing:

  • Look for inspiration – Do a google search and save the images that you like. Or just get up and move and maybe you will find something outside that will inspire you! Some great sites to look at for design ideas are:
  • Get together with your team – Working in a group is great because you can bounce ideas off of each other and eventually it will grow into that perfect design. If you are not working with a team try running your basic design ideas by a few friends. They can look at it from a new angle and give you a great idea.
  • Run a contest – If you have a large enough group that is involved in your event or your next project run a contest! Have people submit their design ideas and put it to a vote. Since this involves everyone in the process they will be happier with the end product.

Want a professional’s opinion? We would be more than happy to help you out! Send your ideas to us and we can give you some feedback. Keep in mind that when you work with Pacific Company we can help you with your designs. We have an on-site designer that can take your ideas and turn it into exactly what you were looking for. We will make sure that you have the design that you want!

CONTACT US if you have any questions about your next event or project.