Looking Back at 2017

Looking Back 2017Every year most businesses take a look back at the year that they had. When looking back they are hoping to see growth in multiple areas and figure out where they can improve. Here at Pacific it’s no different. At the end of 2016 we set a few goals that we wanted to work towards for 2017. Here is how our year turned out:

Looking Back:

Create More Online Stores

Over the last year we have worked with many of our customers and set up custom online stores for them. Our online stores included:

  • Beats & Rhythms
  • Juliaetta Elementary
  • Prairie View Elementary
  • Gonzaga Prep Bullpup Outfitters
  • Harvard Park Children’s Learning Center North

We would like to think going from one store a year to five this year is a pretty good start!

Increasing Our Screen Printing & Embroidery Sales

This has been a great year for us in terms of production and sales! We are on track to have increased our sales by 10-15% in 2017.

Growing Our Online Presence

Over the last year we have grown our Facebook presence and continue to gain more followers. We have also joined Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest and Google +. Of course our main focus has been on Facebook and Instagram showing our finished jobs. However any big news that we have we do share across all the networks so that we can keep everyone in the loop.

Increasing Our Presence in the Local Market

This last year we joined a local Business to Business networking lunch group. With that we have been able to step into the community a little bit more and work with some of the local restaurants and business with their corporate apparel. We love the people that we have met through this group and we are very excited to see what it brings in the future.

Expanding Our Promotional Products Knowledge

In case you missed it in January we were able to attend the PPAI Expo in Las Vegas. The PPAI Expo is the largest promotional products tradeshow of the year. While we were there we attended multiple educational events and had the chance to visit with 100s of suppliers. The promotional products industry is huge and we barely touched the surface while we were there. However, we did bring back what we did learn and have been able to help our customers interested in promotional products even more!

Throughout this year we have been working on increasing our promotional products sales and will continue to do so into the New Year.

Not everyone likes looking back on the previous year, but we have found that it is the best way to learn and continue to grow!


We Want To Say Thank You!

Thank YouThis year has been incredible! We just wanted to take a moment to say thank you! As we reflect on this past year we are so grateful for all of our amazing customers and our suppliers!

We will keep this short, but we did want to brag about our customers for a moment! Of course we wouldn’t be where we are today without you and for that we want to make sure you know how much we appreciate you!

Over this last year we have had the chance to work with a lot of familiar faces on some great projects. Not only that, but there have been quite a few new faces coming through our doors with some great ideas that we have helped bring to life.

So without further ado thank you! We look forward to working with all of you for many more years!


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How Screen Printing Has Changed

Screen Printing has Changed

Through out the years the screen printing industry has stayed pretty consistent. Especially when it comes to the process of printing. However, there have been some changes that have made the process a little bit easier. Improvements to the inks and flash units are just a couple examples. Check out what our veteran screen printer, Rick, has to say about the developments in the industry.


New Year Prep … Already?

New Year PrepI know what you are thinking … New Year prep already? Yes! In all honesty you probably should have already started thinking about your plan for 2018. Now we can’t help you with your entire marketing strategy, however we can help you with branding your business. Whether you are just starting out or have been in business for years we can help you when it comes to getting your logo out there.

We don’t mean that we will do your advertising for you, but we will help you choose the right products for you to put out there with your name on them. Custom apparel and promotional products are essentially walking billboards and do all the work for you!

New Year Prep: Where to Start

There are so many different options out there when it comes to custom apparel and even more with promotional products! It can be very intimidating and may have even been the reason you haven’t explored this in the past. Fear Not!

We know how overwhelming it can be and that’s where we come in. We just need you to give us some basic details about what you are looking for (apparel or promotional products), your budget, logo and quantities. From there we can find options for you to help you rock 2018!

Curious? Take a look at our online catalogs and see all of the possibilities: Apparel | Promotional Products

Improve Your Design without Increasing Your Cost

We all love those flashy printed t-shirts that we see in the stores, but let’s be realistic here. Pulling off a design like that for your event may not fit within your budget. Doing a full color print or using a specialty ink can really make the cost of your shirts jump. Not to fear, we have a few ideas for you to improve your design without increasing the cost of your shirts.

Three Tips to Improve Your Design

Improve Your Design | HalftonesUse Halftones

If your design has multiple colors in it you can bet that it will be one the more expensive side. One way to bring down your cost and cut down on the number of colors used is to create halftones within your design. Halftones use a color that is already in your design, so if you have a couple colors in your design that are similar this is the perfect place to use halftones. Not only will this bring down the number of colors in your design it will also create a little more depth.

Add Texture

Improve Your Design | TextureAnother simple yet effective way to spice up a simple design without adding to the end cost is to add texture to it. One of the more popular options lately has been to add a distressed pattern to the design to give it more of a vintage look.

This is a very simple way to add more detail to your artwork with adding colors and increasing your cost.

Use the Shirt Color

Improve Your Design | Negative SpaceWhen putting your design together think about how you can use the shirt color in the design. Not only will it cut down on the number of colors in your design, but the negative space will make it so your print is not heavy. Using negative space and breaking up the design by using the shirt color makes the print much more breathable.

Do you have other questions when it comes to ordering custom t-shirts? Contact us HERE or send us a message on FACEBOOK!